Achieving Performance Targets through Patient Flow

With the healthcare system constantly facing changes and suppressed with minimal funding, it is getting even harder to achieve performance targets through patient flow and deliver quality of care.

We recognise that 97% of public hospitals in Australia are missing their targets, and that there is speculation of new efficiency and performance targets. We also recognise the need for healthcare professionals to get together to swap ideas and learn from each other.

With that in mind, the focus next year will be harnessing the best in class strategies to achieve and maintain NEAT, NEST, workforce and budget targets.

Specific topics include:

  • Driving Whole-of-System Reform
  • Leadership and Engagement
  • Improving System Capacity
  • Service Design to Reduce Wait Times, Maximise Efficiency and Reduce Cost Per Patient

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4 Reasons Why You Should Attend

  • Over 20 case studies from leading organisations such as The Royal Children’s Hospital, Alfred Health, The Prince Charles Hospital, Queensland Health and many more
  • Case studies featuring different adaptable and highly implementable strategies that have:
  • improved system capacity while decreasing clinical risk
  • driven whole-of-system reform while meeting NEAT and NEST
  • transformed leadership and engagement while improving patient flow
  • renovated service design to reduce wait times, maximise efficiency and reduce cost per patient
  • A combination of presentation case studies, panel discussions, interviews with policy experts and champagne roundtables.
  • A chance to swap ideas and learn from other hospitals all over Australia.

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